For the Garden


Make sure to check out our Plant Finder and make a Wish List of all the plants you want for your landscape or garden. For specific plants, colors, etc. please call or come by the garden center.




Annual flowers are easy and rewarding to grow. We'll show you the basic ideas to get you started.


Gardening with perennials, whether shade or sun loving, is like the comfort of an old friend.  They return each year giving their structure, burst of color, or fragrance to the garden.

Perennial enthusiasts will find displays of what’s new in the perennial world along with grandmother’s favorites kept in her garden.




Many home and landowners grow their own fruit and vegetables. We support them by providing a wide selection of herbs, vegetables, and fruit trees, bushes, or vines.


Houseplants and Succulents

Houseplants and succulents not only add beauty to your home and work space, they also act as a natural living filter, improving your air quality. We carry a variety of sizes and species from ready to go plants to individual plants available to create your own unique combination.


Soils and Fertilizers

The success of all plants relies on proper lighting, quality soil, moisture, and nutrients. We offer a variety of bagged potting mixes and an organic, bulk raised bed mix, along with feeding products for general installation or specific plant varieties such as hydrangeas.